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Body Painting

just wondering what type of paint to use when painting a body. i was going to use a small airbrush that my friend has but i dont know what type of paint. i got some from the hobby shop but i think it was too thick for the airbrush because it wouldnt come out so we mixed it with some water and then it didnt cover well. we left it for a while and then were gonna do another coat but it just wiped right off. any advice would be appreciated.

oh also should i trim it before or after painting??
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Disclosure: I'm no expert....

I use faskolor water-based paint for r/c bodies or rattle can enamel-based pactra paint. If your LHS has it, you may also use spazstiks. The reason for this is that these paints are made for polycarbonate bodies and they have a flex quality so that they don't flake when the body is hit. These manufacturers have websites that show you tips on how to use the paints and how to maintain the airbrush afterward. Before painting, you may want to mark the holes for the body posts, exhaust, igniter, etc. Also, I use "00" steel wool to prep the body so the paint sticks.

Here are some websites....





Hope these help you get started! Good luck.


Shameless plugin: Check out the general forums and "show us your bodies" thread. There are many professional painters locally, you may want to check them out....
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thanks, i used faskolor i think and it didnt stick very well, do you know if i should be adding any water to this paint or just using it striaght from the botte. thanks again
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Hey there,
Faskolor shouldn't have to be thinned out or water down to spray though an airbrush. If your airbrush is having problems spraying the paint you should try to turn up your air pressure or the PSI on the compressor. Most of your metallic colors are thicker then your opaque colors so they may require more PSI. If you need to thin out the paint you should only use a couple of drops of water no more then that. I only thin out the paint when I'm spraying very fine lines. Also you what to see if your airbrush isn't clogged or you have the largest tip for spraying wide areas.

Hope that helps & Happy Painting
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RC files are sharing the knowledge that is a platform of general community discussion with the heading of the body painting. The author here is named as Texas maxx that is shared the experience of wondering the paint on body with https://www.assignmentgeek.com.au/ for making the best ever need of the painting skills.
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